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I have a wealth of blog content from the past 11 years on my previous employer’s website. To make posts easier to find, I’ve categorized them on an Archives page.


Expectations & Experiences 2022

Each year for the past several years, fiserv has published a report of consumer payment trends. I find these to be interesting and informative and I’ve used them as the source for previous newsletters. Interestingly, the title of the most […]


Does this sound familiar…?

You’ve experienced this before, haven’t you? A customer calls, frustrated and angry, because they “paid online” and still were charged a late fee or, worse yet, disconnected for non-payment. Of course, by “paid online”, they don’t mean they paid using […]


What’s it all about…?

As I mentioned in the last Utility Information Pipeline, I’m now a freelance consultant. When you find yourself out of work with no warning (as I did four weeks ago), you pivot to what you know best. For me, that’s […]


A Fresh Start

You may be surprised to see an email from this platform again, as it was replaced last year by a different platform that integrated with the CRM software used by Edmunds GovTech. However, as of last Friday, I’m no longer […]